Mod Sewing Cabinet

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The MOD Sewing Cabinet was designed to offer storage, easy positioning, and functionality all in one cabinet! We’ve added built-in storage and organization for your tools and other accessories. When it comes to portability, the cabinet stands on four casters allowing you to move it where you need it. Need a flush work surface? Close the pocket doors and place the wood cover over the sewing well to create the perfect working area.

  • Includes a retractable, hinged pocket door that slides in and out of a side pocket
  • A tape measure on the front top panel will allow for quick measurements
  • Two adjustable height shelves for extra storage
  • Adjustable three-position hydraulic lift:
    • Moves your machine into three positions: free-arm, flatbed and storage
    • Designed with gas strut mechanism with a 55-pound sewing machine capacity
  • Includes a wood cover to place over the sewing well when your sewing machine is in the storage position and the top becomes a flush surface for other projects
  • Sewing machine opening is beveled
    • ¼” ledge and designed to work with a custom machine insert increasing comfort and efficiency
  • Use alone or in conjunction with other MOD components