Machine and Hand Quilting


Do you need help to finish your beautifully pieced quilt top? Our creative and experienced quilters can give you that personal finish your looking for to quilt your quilt top, batting and backing together. 

Machine Quilting

Preparing your quilt.

Trim all excess threads.

Press quilt top and backing. 


Batting and Backing must be 6" wider and longer than quilt top.If backing pieced sew with a 1/2" seam allowance and press open. Additional fee will be added if backing must be pieced by quilter. 

Please hold all additional embellishments for after quilt is quilted.

Please do not baste quilt top, batting and backing together.  

Hand Quilting

Finish your quilt with that personal, historical touch just like the Pioneer women did so many years ago by having it hand quilted. 

Batting and Backing

You may supply your own batting and backing or purchase them here in the store. 


Binding can be applied on your own or here in the the store.